Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Time Flys

 Today it has hit me like a big cold fish round the face how big my Baba is getting, first I receive a voice mail from one of the local schools telling me that he is now on the waiting list for nursery in January although that may seem a very small thing to some but to me it feels like hes packing his bags to leave for Uni or something!
I can't believe that in another 6 months I'll have a 3 year old on my hands, it feels like yesterday I was laying in a hospital bath screaming ''GIVE ME A ****ING EPIDURAL!'' I didn't find it funny at the time but looking back now how angry was I in labor haha!

Anyway on to the second reason for this post I was just looking through some of my son's first teddies from when he was born and I found this little thing..

 It literally made me emosh! (emotional) how cute and tiny is that, you don't realize just how big your child gets till you look back at the little iddy biddy stuff, this wouldn't even fit on his hand.
Look how small it is compared to his trainer sock from now..

I'm sure a lot of you will be thinking 'it's a sock?' I know its weird saying 'awww!' to a sock but how can you not when its so diddy and brings back memories. Its just so strange knowing at some point my son was that tiny, okay now I'm getting emotional just thinking about it soppy mummy moment :'(

Okay I've got a grip..
 I also found these little sockies that I loved cause they look like little trainers someone gave them us as a gift these ones I actually meant to keep unlike the sock I found up top, I like to keep some things from when he was a baby such as his favorite soft toys, toys he had teethed with and certain clothing. I just think its a lovely thing to do, to not only bring back good memories but to also share with them when their older so they can see just how small they were and maybe even pass them down to their children.

Sorry for this soppy post but I just had to share it with you..
Yay Babies!

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Monday, 7 April 2014

April Wish list!

Here is my list of things that have took my fancy so far this month..

1. St. Tropez tanning mousse in Dark - superdrug
I'm OBSESSED with being tanned although I am fairly new to the whole self tanning lark its only been about 6 months or so, I've seen a lot of positive reviews on st. tropez tans especially the dark ones although its very expensive to me anyway I am considering trying it as it does look very natural and a lovely dark colour.

2. Baby skin instant pore eraser - superdrug
I've been meaning to buy this since it 1st came out but for some reason I just keep forgetting, I have awful pores as when I was younger (12-13) when I first started wearing makeup I would sleep init grose I know! 
I've seen that this can just be worn on its own with out a foundation or bb cream and as its coming up to summer so I dont want to be wearing heavy makeup so Im hoping this works for me, I'll definitely be doing a review on this when I get round to purchasing it.. 

3. Hair xpertise argan oil - superdrug
This is more of a need than want item as my hair has been dyed so many times with so many different brands and colours of hair dye its now paying the price for it, the ends of my hair are now looking on the poodle side so I have been advised to use this product.. lets pray for my hair people!!

4. White strappy peep toe wedges - Newlook
I think wedges are a great way of making any outfit look fun and funky. I especially like the look of wearing frilly ankle socks with them I think they just look so cute, they remind me of when I was a little kid and my mum would forever put me in frilly ankle socks haha!

5. Rita Ora collection - Rimmel colour rush balm in make me blush & 60 seconds nail polish in lets get nude- superdrug
First off  I'm loving the names of the shades and for once I like every colour that is available, I chose Make me blush balm and lets get nude polish as for one I really love light, pale colours and they are great shades for spring and summer I'm hoping to be doing a swatch post on these very soon.

6. White leopard print purse - Dorothy Perkins
I think this is gorgeous its such a subtle leopard print its not all in your face aww its just beautiful, Absolutely love the shade that's all I can say!

7. Beige & white leopard print wing plate tote bag - Dorothy Perkins
Just like the above I'm in love with this bag, I usually only like either the bag or the purse when they match so for me to like both of these is a bonus. Its a great colour for spring and as I said before is very subtle.

8. Vaseline hand & nail lotion - superdrug
I don't know if other people find this but my hands get dry really easily and at the minute my nails are just so lousy and keep splitting, This vaseline lotion works for my sister so I'm hoping it will do the same for me and I'm also trying to look after my skin not just on my face but everywhere.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick Bacne tip!

Bacne Tip for people with long hair..
Just a quick tip today that I've only just figured out my self on how to help back acne disappear which is so obvious that I'm shocked that I haven't figured it out sooner! For most of you you've probably already clicked on to this little trick but for those of you that don't know just a simple tip of when you wash your hair in the shower as soon as you have finished put your hair up so it is off your back completely, then gently wash your back so that no residue of the shampoo or conditioner are left on the area that you get bacne but make sure what ever you wash with isn't perfume scented as that can lead in a bad reaction and you will just end up back at square one, Also when ever you have wet hair try to keep it off your back if you like to air dry it.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Andrew Barton's Gloss Boss hair collection: Review

Every girl knows that winter time isn't the best time for our hair with the brutal cold sending our hair brittle, dry and mostly lifeless.
I'm always hunting for new hair care products to give the kiss of life back to my hair so I was super duper excited when I opened my presents to find Andrew Barton's hair collection on Christmas morning, I was expecting big big things from him as hes been in the hair business for many moons, But I was extremely let down so I thought I would share my hair experiences with these products with you!

Left to Right: Andrew Barton Style creme, No frizz shine serum, Big hair styling spray, Hot iron protection spray, Serious shine protection conditioner and shampoo.

Gloss boss style creme

Purpose: For beachy waves or a messed up look

Smell: The smell isn't unpleasant its very similar to the VO5 Hair putty.

Texture: A slightly thick creamy consistency only a 2p coin size (for long hair) is needed anymore can make your hair feel really sticky and greasy.

How to use: Apply a small amount on the palm of your hand and rub together like hand cream and work in to the ends of your hair.

My experience: It wasn't very useful on my hair, it was hard to style and made my hair feel very heavy, it wasn't good for creating a messy style although I have not tried it on wavy hair yet so maybe it would work a lot better if you style it a little first and then use the creme just to give it a helping hand for those of us that have naturally straight hair.

Would I recommend? I would recommend but to those who already have wavy or curly hair.

No frizz shine serum

Purpose: To add shine and seal dry split ends

Smell: I actually really like the smell of this as it smells of coconut and I loveees me some coconut!

Texture: It's quite thick for a hair serum its more of a gel type than runny like most other hair serums, it is still greasy feeling like most.

How to use: Put a small amount on the palm of your hand rub together then gently glide it through the ends of your hair.

My experience: I wasn't to disappointed with the serum it did make my hair smoother and my ends less dry but it didn't add any shine what so ever it also made my hair feel greasy although I only used the tiniest amount on the very ends of my hair.

Would I recommend? No I wouldn't recommend to anyone I much prefer tresemme smooth serum.

Big hair lifting spray

Purpose: To create big lifted hair

Smell: It has a very musky smell to it, i didn't find it very pleasant at all.

How to use: Spray on towel dried hair and tip hair upside down for more lift, using a brush and hair dryer.

My experience: It did give me slightly volumized hair although as soon as it touched my hair I could feel how dry and almost rough feeling it had made my hair it made it quite hard to brush as it made it knotted as well.

Would I recommend? No to dry feeling and smells awful.

Hot iron protection spray

Purpose: To protect hair against heat

Smell: Yet again I love the smell as its coconutty ;)

How to use: Spray evenly all over hair before applying heat

My experience: Like the Big hair lifting spray it made my hair extremely dry and my ends felt like they were going to drop off which I hate to say cause it makes my hair smell great!

Would I recommend? No!

Serious shine protection conditioner and shampoo

Purpose: To moisturize hair and seal hair cuticles to create shine. 

Smell: Very similar smell to most hair dyes not very nice.

How to use: Apply shampoo as normal then after rinsing apply the conditioner concentrating on the ends and use a wide tooth comb to spread evenly then leave for 1 minute and rinse.

My experience: Both felt awful on my hair straight away, the shampoo didn't even feel like it cleaned my hair, the conditioner did absolutely nothing i might as well not of bothered to put it on my hair both made my hair dry and knotted and added no shine at all and made my hair feel worse then ever.

Would I recommend? No way! the worst shampoo and conditioner I have ever tried.

As you can tell I wasn't overly impressed by any of the products I would definitely not recommend using most of these products as they feel more damaging than good, although if people still want to try them let me know how you went on with them they may work better on others these are just my hair experiences..

Thanks for reading x