Thursday, 23 May 2013

My Lip collection

Today I thought I would share my lip collection 
From lipsticks to lip glosses and lip balm...

In the picture there are..

VIVO diamond sparkle - Raspberry sorbet

BeautyUK - Retro lips

Cream puff moisturising lip cream - Powder puff

Nyx black label lipstick - Cherry

Nyx black label lipstick - Heather

Ny black label lipstick - Nude

Playboy lip gloss - Dark red

Vaseline Lip therapy petroleum jelly - Rosy Lips

Jemma Kidd Make up school - Light pink ( I don't know the actual shade name)

Colourmatix lip gloss - shimmer pink

Colourmatix Lipstick - Copper

Colourmatix Lipstick - Heather

Colourmatix Lipstick - Pretty pink

Colourmatix Lipstick - Red wine

Colourmatix Lipstick - Rouge red

Colourmatix Lipstick - Frosted fawn

Colourmatix Trio Lipgloss - CM045

Colourmatix Lip gloss - Clear

MUA - Shade 13

Rimmel London lasting finish lipstick - Pink blush

Barrym - Baby pink

Colourtrend - Read my lips

No7 High shine - Flirt

MUA Lip gloss - Shade 3

Revlon lip butter - Candy apple

Revlon lip butter - Strawberry shortcake

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold lipgloss - Body pop

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold lipgloss - Rock steady

Luna Cosmetics lipstick - Shade 3

Lasting colour lipstick - Bubblegum

Gold by Giles lipgloss - Ruby

Nivea Lip balm - Pearly shine

Barrym Super shine lip gloss - Flamingo pink (swatches below)

Barrym super shine lip gloss - Passion pink (swatches below)

Barrym lip gloss - Strawberry milkshake (swatches below)

17 mini Lip glosses came in a set and i don't know any of the shades :S i do know that they were from boots.

Thanks for reading (: x

Saturday, 11 May 2013


Out fit

First of all i would like to apologise for the background i was in a rush and couldn't find anywhere light enough to take a good picture.
Anyhoo this was my outfit for last night for my mother's 50th birthday bash. (:

Here's the list of the places and prices of everything i have on here..

Coral V-neck tribal layered Top- Newlook - £26.99
above is the link to the top so you can have a better look.

High waist black denim jeans- - £25.00

Suede Court shoes- Newlook - £24.99

Black and gold studded clutch- Newlook - £12.99

Here's the makeup look..

I thought i would also show you the makeup look i wore and i will put the 
pictures below of the eyeshadows i used which mostly are not any brands but i thought you could find a close colour to them if you want to achieve this look, i will recommend using fluffy brushes so you can blend them all together well.

 First off i started with the light shade all over the lid to the brow bone
i then took a medium fluffy brush and applied the brown in the crease of my eyelid then fluffing it upwards.

I then took the light brown at the bottom on a small fluffy brush and applied it
in the bottom corner of the eyelid bringing it up to the middle of the crease buffing it out as well.
After this i applied the darker brown second from the top with a medium brush buffing this in the corner of the crease outwards.

Using the  bottom left brown and a big fluffy brush i buffed this all over the   
lid only to the middle of my eyelid and going over the other colours to blend.

Taking the big fluffy brush again i put this dark chocolate brown in the corners of my eyes
to make a more pointed corner, you don't need a lot of this.

Taking a medium brush again i took a tiny bit of the bottom purple and applied over all of the brown starting in the corner crease in wards and did the same with the pinky purple above but taking the tiniest bit unless you want it pink.

Last of all i took this pearly white shade by Bourjois and applied it to my inner corner
 of my eye up to the start of the blended brown and to my brown bone.

This is the make up i was wearing in the picture.

Bourjois eyeshadow in Blanc Diaphane - Boots - £6.49

Bourjois healthy mix concealer in clair - Superdrug - £7.49

Rimmel wake me up foundation in ivory 100 - Superdrug - £8.99

MUA cover and conceal in fair - Superdrug - £1.50

Rimmel london stay matte pressed powder in transparent - Superdrug - £3.99

Barry m super shine lipgloss in flamingo pink - Superdrug - £3.99

Rimmel hide the blemish concealer in ivory - Boots - £4.49

Maybelline the colossal volume express 100% black -Superdrug -  £7.19

Eylure naturalites evening wear number 101 - Superdrug - £5.25

Collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner black - Superdrug - £2.99

17 all about nude eye colour collection this was a gift so i don't know how much it was.

MUA blusher in shade 1 - Superdrug - £2.00

Revlon arabian glow bronzing pearls This was also a gift.

Nyx black label lipstick in nude - - £9.95

Cosmopolitan eyelash curler - - £6.95

Colourmatix highlighter/ shader duo 

Colourmatix eyeshadow in earth brown 

The colourmatix i got from college but they probably can be found online.

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 3 May 2013

John Frieda sheer blonde go blonder - Review

shampoo and conditioner...

I bought the John Frieda go blonder in hope that it would lighten the whole of my hair and make it all one colour fast after i had stripped it, it did make it closer to all one colour but didn't lighten as much as i wanted it to in one use at a time i will mention that i used it 5 times leaving the shampoo on for about 2-5mins and the conditioner on for over a hour but i had to stop using it as i had a bad reaction to the shampoo as it made my hands come up in a rash that was extremely dry, sore and itchy but it did nothing to my scalp other then make it abit dry which i found quite strange. For the consistency of the shampoo it is thicker than normal shampoos its kind of the same thickness as the conditioner, this is good as you don't have to use a lot as it foams up very easily so spreads quite nicely but makes my hair feel really dry after washing it out so i suggest leaving the conditioner in for a hour or more and applying quite a lot of it especially on the ends, which makes it better as it gives it more time to lighten the hair. both the conditioner and shampoo are a very florescent colour yellow and i can't really describe how they smell but they don't smell particularly nice i suppose its a little bit of a hair dye smell. I used these twice a day in the morning and before bed, it says to use it daily for best results and claims it has no peroxide in it but i think it must have at least a trace of it to lighten as well as it does.

These are my before and after using the shampoo and conditioner.

               Before                                                                     After

I'm just going to apologize for the quality of the before picture as it doesn't show the actually darkness of what my hair was, it was yellow at the top, dark and light orangy brown all over the place but as you can see on the after picture it all went the same colour which was a light orange but my roots were more of a blonder yellow [sorry if none of that made sense :S].

If you have tried John Frieda go blonder let me know your experiences..

 Thanks for reading x

Barry M Lip glosses with swatches..

So i am totally and utterly obsessed with lipgloss i can't leave the house with out it on, i have quite a big collection of lipglosses/lipsticks, but for today i thought id share with you my barry m ones as they are very inexpensive
and come in beautiful shades.
So lets get going...

These are my barry m lip glosses, i know not very many but these are 
the only colours that i liked for me and since its getting into the summer time i thought i would show some gorgeous summer colours (: so starting from left to right we have, Barry m super shine lipgloss 
in Passion pink, Flamingo pink and Barry m lipgloss in strawberry milkshake.

Flamingo pink
This is a very light pink colour with a slight tone of orange it only gives a 
Light tint of colour on the lips but can be made a little brighter by adding a few more coats of it on your lips
but adding to much can make it start to run onto your skin. I do love the super shine lip glosses as they do give a very nice shine and they stay on for quite a few hours before having to reapply even when having a drink the colour still lasts which is a big hit for me :D.

Passion pink
This one is my favorite barry m lip gloss at the moment and i will be investing in a new one as I've nearly finished this one(: i love it because its a very bright pink but not too over powering with a very pretty shine. I find that this one runs more than the flamingo pink i'm not sure why but maybe it is just because its a brighter colour so it makes it more noticeable :S the consistency of the super shine lip glosses are quite thick and gooey they also can be quite sticky depending on how much is applied.

Strawberry Milkshake
I am also a big fan of this pale pink shade it does have a very nice shine to it but not as much as the super shine lip glosses, it also gives a more solid colour to the lips [ if that makes sense] and it smells AMAZINGGG it reminds me of the sweets strawberry laces. The only few problems i have with this is that it makes the lines in my lips stand out more as it sinks into them and i find that it drys out my lips quicker than the super shine ones. 

I would like to know your opinions on the barry m lipglosses so leave a comment :)

Thanks for reading x